01015 – How to clear your browser cache

This article covers the steps needed to clear your browser cache on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


I. How to clear your cache on Safari

  1. Click on Safari and then on Preferences.

    Safari Preferences

  2. Select Privacy and then click Manage Website Data.

    Settings Window

  3. Select Remove All and then in the small popup, selection Remove Now.


  4. Click Safari in the menu at the top of the screen and click Preferences.


  5. In the Preferences window, click the Advanced tab and make sure the checkbox next to “Show Develop menu in menu bar” is selected.


  6. Select Develop in the menu bar on the top of the screen and click Empty Caches.



II. How to clear your cache on Chrome:

  1. Start Google Chrome.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis icon tool icon on the browser toolbar.
  3. Click More Tools.
  4. Select Clear Browsing Data:“Enabled"
  5. Select All Time for Time range. Tick Cached images and files to clear cache.


III. How to clear your cache on Firefox:

  1. From the menu select History > Clear Recent History
    {!}If the menu bar is hidden, press Alt to make it visible.
  2. From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.
  3. By “Details”, click the down arrow to choose the parts of your history to clear. To clear your entire cache, select all items.
  4. Click Clear Now.
  5. Close all browser windows and quit Firefox
    Result: Your cache is cleared and you can reopen Firefox.

If there’s no History menu:

  1. In the upper right, click on the 3 horizontal bars, then choose History.
    Firefox preferences
  2. Choose Clear Recent History.
    clear recent history
  3. Set the Time Range to Clear to Everything.
    Click the triangle to show Details. Select Cookies, Cache, Active Logins and Site Preferences.
    clear cache