13032 – How to add a page to Sitemap

Sitemap is very important for SEO. XML sitemap, think of it as a map for your website. It shows what all of the pages are on your website. It tells the search engines about the content that you have on your site so that they can find it more easily and when it was last updated.

This article will show you on how you can add a page to sitemap. By default the blog page URL and the blog post URLs are automatically added to the sitemap. But then, you can also add specific campaign pages to be displayed on sitemap.

To Get Started
  • On the main Dashboard of your site’s admin page, go to Campaigns.
  • Select the respective Campaign and campaign page. Then click on Edit or page icon to open the page builder.
  • Once the page builder loads, go to Page Options.
  • Under More Options, switch the toggle on the Add to Sitemap.
  • Then SAVE, do this to other pages you wanted to add to sitemap.
  • You can view your sitemap by going to your site domain URL with sitemap.xml at the end, like this https://www.domainname.com/sitemap.xml
  • This will display the list of pages of your site.

That’s it! Page has been added to Sitemap.