01006 – Hosting Videos & Files

At KLEQ we believe that you should always be in control of your content. Because the truth as a digital entrepreneur your content and your email list are your MOST important business assets.

You always want to be in control of where your content is hosted. That is why we believe in letting you decide where you prefer to host your content.

Here are recommended options (Free and Paid)

For PDFs, reports and different kind of documents you can use services such as Dropbox (Free), Google Drive (Free) or Amazon S3 (Paid)

For videos you can user services such as Amazon S3, Vimeo, Wistia or Youtube (Free)

Here are the links to some useful articles showing you how to do this.

+ If you want to use Google Drive (Free) >

+ If you want to use Dropbox (Free)

+ If you want to use Amazon S3

+ If you want to use Youtube

+ If you want to use Wistia

+ If you want to use Vimeo