06013 – Advanced: How to use the pre-fill Order Form feature

The Order Pages have a specialized feature that allows you to pre-fill the order page form with a user’s details from the page URL.

To use this feature:

Simply ensure that you include the relevant parameters in the page URL.

Supported Parameters

    • contactFirstName
    • contactLastName
    • contactEmail

For example, let’s say your order page URL is

The URL with the parameters included will look something like this

Simply replace the XXX with the relevant merge field supported by your Emailing System.

How this Works
  • Direct Link to Order Page
    When a user clicks on the link to access the Order Page, your site will pick up the user’s details from the page URL and automatically add them to the Order Page Form.
  • User redirected from a Sales Page
    If your users are being redirected from your Sales page to the Order page, ensure that the Pass URL parameters to next URL setting is enabled for the button link and include the above mentioned parameters to your Sales page URL instead.This will allow the User’s details included in the Sales Page URL to be passed to the Order page and pre-fill the form.

In both cases above, the users land on the Order Page with their First name, Last name and Email already filled in for them, creating a smoother checkout experience.