About Google Insight and Site Speed

Here is a quick article to help you better understand google insight score and site speed.

The good news is, The platform is highly optimized and Speed of the core code is not an issue. The platform uses cloud computing and caching to optimize the delivery of our pages code. In fact, several tests reveal that KLEQ outperform other platforms in terms of page speed and google insight score.

With that said, in regards to google page insight score it is important to remember a few things:

+ A high score does not mean your page is “Fast”.
+ In the same way, a low score does not mean the page is “Slow” as perceived by a real person.

It is just google giving a score.

It is also important to remember that this score greatly fluctuates based on several factors including page code, scripts and the amount of page assets you might have and how you might have optimized them.

The score will therefore fluctuate based on what is on a page. If you have greatly optimized images, simple and clean content then your score might be high. On the other hand If you have several images, videos, scripts and third party connection on the page then your score page might be lower.

Images and videos are particularly important and can be quite heavy, especially if you have several of them on the page.

So depending on what your page is loading and the optimization you might have done your pages can have a low score. Having said that there are many KLEQ pages clocking in the 80’s or 90’s score range.

It’s all about your content, how well you have optimized it and what you ultimately want to do with the selected page.

For example the home page of our KLEQ website has a ton of big images, videos, external scripts and functionality. It has been optimized for sales conversion and NOT for Google Insight.

It is not an SEO or adwords play, it is a list building and sales focus (we could not care less about what Google might think of the page, we care about our clients and members 🙂

Now, if getting the highest Google insight score is the only thing that matters for you then please understand that no platform in the world will ever beat a custom coded html page.

If that is the only goal you are after for a specific page then you should probably get a developer to custom create pages from scratch and optimize everything. Then you could use a platform to do the other important things such as delivering the courses and your marketing funnels.

As you know, KLEQ does a whole lot more than just SEO or page content.

Our focus is on Marketing funnels, list building, courses, membership site, gamification, forum, shopping cart, affiliate system, webinars, launches, automations, advanced tagging, segmentation, quizzes, assessments, dynamic content delivery and a whole lot more.