2022-09-26 – Release

Release: 26 Sep 2022

Website Updates

+ Preview Pages on mobile and desktop devices
+ Leaderblock block (Display members who have the most points in your members area)
+ Carousel image block
+ Ability to add emojis to the list blocks
+ Added minutes dropdown option to the evergreen countdown timer
+ Security login lockdown (if admin user fails to enter password correctly 3 times in a row he will be on time out for some time before being able to login again)
+ Able to export Assessment results
+ Label added to the order bump in the order summary section of pages
+ Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) subscription option added
+ Added comma to order pages totals
+ @@everyone on social walls and forums will notify everyone who has access
+ Tweaked user interface to make a member a forum moderator on admin
+ Prevent Admin user visiting a page to be counted as a visit in metrix
+ User interfaction design for member progress stats in manage members
+ Able to set the expiration by hour for promo codes
+ Caching of tags and custom fields to improve admin load speed
+ Search option for the Tag dropdowns added
+ Customers’ phone numbers added to customers report export
+ Mailchimp List have been changed to audiences as per their new changes