2022-08-04 – Release

Release: 04 August 2022

Website Updates

+ Ability to delete users in Quiz Results list
+ Option to hide the header banner image in the forum
+ Option to make the Quiz booster Phone field be required
+ Ability to set time duration on Add to Calendar setting
+ Option to hide/remove the Drip Content days reminder in Lesson blocks/Course Page
+ New lesson block mobile options available (title font,content font and the spacing)
+ Able to embed Youtube Shorts to Forum
+ able to award a course badges manually to a member
+ Able to Add trophy to member manually
+ Schema added to pages automatically based on seo info
+ Phone Numbers Field On The Optin Page Automatically Removes Spacing or Any Special Characters
+ Add new promo code option changed to modal and cleaner style
+ New option to Mark all threads of a forum section
+ New option to mark a forum thread as unread
+ New style feedback on fonts when forum thread is read or marked as unread
+ Optimization of tag loading and caching from email systems
+ show number of threads and comments on section
+ Able to upload custom image for Trophy
+ Give Trophy when completing specific courses
+ Option to hide the “Members Online” display on the Forum Home Page
+ Adding a new split test is now done in a modal like all other boosters
+ The search function accessed through your avatar also shows results from the forum
+ Added new GMT options to add to calendar
+ Able to download invoice pdf from admin area
+ Able to sort list on the Transaction based on the product name
+ Tweak to color picker style on wysiwyg
+ APP: Universal link support, when a member taps on a link to the members area and they have the app installed, the app will open on the correct page instead of mobile browser
+ App – display first sentence of message on push notification when someone sends a message