2021-12-07 – Release

Release: 07 December 2021

Private Chat pages:
Many changes have been done to the private chat pages you can add to course including enhancements, bug fixes and improved user experience.

If you are using private chat pages on your courses you will notice that now the pages display a button rather then the chat widget on the page. This was done to ensure the user experience is consistent and improved across all devices.

Clicking the button now launches the chat modal which is 100% mobile responsive and offers an improved experience on mobile devices.

In addition several new features have been added including: Member filter, edit & delete comments, more emojis, responsive layout & design tweaks.

Website Updates

+ Private chat pages now show a button that opens a pop up where all chats are displayed. This is done to ensure the chatting experience is better and optimized when using mobile devices.
+ Integration with Facebook Events
+ Ability to select availability of just in time webinar when on multi
+ Added Pinterest as an option on social share
+ Option to show pop up on exit of Blog page
+ Optins tracking for Affiliates
+ Option for admin user to allow users to start conversation with admin users
+ Option on Social wall to allow members to contact each other.
+ Design tweaks for chat modals in members area
+ Filter added on chat modals
+ More emojis added for replies
+ Edit and delete options added to chat messages