2021-08-19 – Release

Release: 19 August 2021

Website Updates

+ New Billing Section added to members area.
+ Run your own Patreon or members only blog.
+ New course page layouts available.
+ On Upsell page, Pass the Client Email to Stripe upon completion.
+ Admin can Cancel subscription immediately or at end of the billing.
+ Likes have been changed from Thumbs Up to Heart icon on all areas where we allow to give like.
+ Pay a flat amount as an Affiliate Commission.
+ Validation added to prevent incorrect data entered in embed code or payment settings.
+ New background position option for the background image on sections and rows.
+ Ability to specify different column width % specifically for mobile view.
+ Opacity slider now also allow to manually modify the opacity number.
+ Customize the color of hamburger menu for mobile.
+ Last name field option added on optin forms.
+ Convert kit option to receive last name data to a custom field via api.
+ Control the height of the course pages header image. Select a specific pixel max size or make it elastic with auto.
+ Able to duplicate Assessments.
+ Add a background image to the certificates.
+ Option on optin form to make fields required.
+ Membership portal modals design update.
+ New animation and style when duplicating boosters on admin.
+ Private chat and conversations with members comments appear faster on page without reload required.
+ Select any text on social wall and use it as quote in your reply. You can also select multiple snippets of text to include in your reply.
+ App notification page has now been merged with the Booster web notification so there is only one place to go to send notifications to your app users and web users.