2021-06-01 – Release

Release: 01 June 2021

Website Updates

+ 26 new Optin page templates have been added
+ NEW subscription report available. Quickly search and manage your site’s subscriptions
+ NEW – Permalink structure control. You can now set how your website will handle the urls of your site. For example select to always end your urls with a /. If this is selected and your slug is /abc then wether a user types /abc or /abc/ they will always land on /abc/. This might be useful if you do a lot of SEO
+ NEW limit the number of characters allowed in Live event question box (if you only want to accept short questions 🙂
+ NEW Notification center added to the membership area. Users can now see all their notifications, mark them as read, delete in one notification pop up.
+ NEW – Exit and Landing pop up options have been added to Order pages and Upsell pages
+ NEW – Block defauts – Setup default values for specific page builder block and quickly use these settings whenever you add a new block to a page
+ UPDATE – You can now customize the padding of your toggle and lesson blocks as well as the font weight.
+ UPDATE – You can now customize the border radius of the blog post and courses block buttons