2021-05-03 – Release

Release: 03 May 2021

Website Updates

+ Optimization of Page Builder code
+ Course Block: more design options available
+ Saved Sections: You can now filter your saved section
+ Delete pop up: Cancel button added in case you change your mind 🙂
+ Move Sections on Page Builder
+ Border radius added to course and blog posts blocks
+ Saved Sections: Manage and edit saved section names
+ Sub Text option added to different kind of buttons
+ Image Gallery: Search by file name or tag added. Note that filename search will only start working from today onwards.
+ Image Gallery: Add tags to an image so you can easily search for images with specific tag.
+ Alignment option added to lesson block content text
+ By popular request the “powered by KLEQ” banner has now been removed from all sites.
+ Order Pages: If you have test mode enabled, a warning banner will now appear on your pages to indicate you are in test mode.
+ Seo option added to pages: Redirect to / at the end of the url. So if your slug is domain.com/abc and you enable the option, all visitors will land on domain.com/abc/
+ Show an optin box on Landing of a page after X seconds