2021-01-25 – Release

Release: 25 Jan 2021

Website Updates

-> Optin pop ups have now been moved to Optin Boxes. This will allow you to create several optin pop ups on the same page if needed
-> Select an optin box as your exit pop up
-> Select to show an optin box on Click of Button or Image
-> Add quiz to optin boxes
-> Change the width of columns on page builder to any % you want
-> Change the width of your sections to any size
-> Toggle blocks added to portal pages
-> Save sections as favorite so you can re-use them on other pages
-> Manage saved sections on left sidebar
-> Enhance web notification to show you who mentioned you and where
-> Product Tracking dashboard
-> Campaign page visit graphs
-> Multiple 1-click order submit buttons on Upsel pages
-> Sub text option on buttons
-> Test webhook link added to portal access action webhooks
-> Margin option on all sides added to lesson block
-> More data types added to Quick stats page
-> Auto image compression and optimization on private chats, conversations and social wall/ forum
-> Remove possibility of adding spaces in the email fields for order form blocks
-> Able to Export Members That are in a particular Bundle
-> Allow admin to see which members has added site to app
-> Template and saved sections have been added to left sidebar of page builder
-> Google fonts added: Mrs+Saint+Delafield, Ruthie, Mr+De+Haviland

Mobile app updates

-> Enhanced app notification to show you who mentioned you and where
-> APP – like button on private messages and conversations added
-> Added support for scheduled drip option on app
-> Share icon on social wall to share the url of a post
-> Forum notifications now send user to the last page of a thread
-> Added members are search option
-> Profile page added so users can view and modify their details