02020 – Manage Members: Manually Add Members

This will show you the steps on how you can manually add members to the Manage Members.

NOTE! By adding members manually, please remember that they will not receive a registration email or login email. If you want them to receive a registration email, consider using the import function instead. For reference, read Importing Member using a CSV file

You also need to activate the courses you wanted to give access to each member. For more details, check Manage Members: View or Edit Members’ Purchased Courses


To Get Started

Go to Members Area, then select the Manage Members.

In this section you will see the list of members who have purchased courses from you.

To add a single member to your list

    • At the top-right corner, click on the Plus (+) icon. 
    • Complete the fields in the pop-up window that appears
      i.e. Name | Email | Password | Registration Date.
    • Then click on SAVE.

Your new member will appear at the top of your list of members.

To import a batch of members using a CSV file

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