14014 – Integrating Firebase with your website

This article will show you the step by step on how you can integrate Firebase with your website

Firebase is a Google service that will allow you to use web push notification on your KLEQ site.

To Get Started 

Go to Settings and then select Integrations and expand Firebase.

Below are the details needed for the Firebase integration.
Setup Firebase Account

You have to have a Firebase account first.
Go to firebase.google.com

Then login with your Google account.

Once login, click on Go to Console.

On the Console Dashboard, we need to create a project.
Click on + Add Project.

Enter a Project Name.

After adding the name, the Project Id will automatically be generated
Leave everything on default settings or as it is

Accept the terms and click on Create Project.

You will see a window showing that the Project has been created.
Then, click on Continue.

This should open the Project Overview dashboard.

To Get the Cloud Messaging Server Key
Click on Gear icon and then select the Project Settings.

On Settings, go to Cloud Messaging tab and copy the Server Key.

Go back to your KLEQ site. Go to Settings > Integrations > Firebase and paste the Server Key to Cloud Messaging Server Key

To get the Firebase App Snippet Code
Go back to Firebase Project Overview Dashboard
We need to create a new app.
Copy the entire code.

Then paste this on the Firebase integration in the Firebase Web App Snippet Code field of your KLEQ site.

To Get the Service Account Private Key Json

Go back to Firebase > Project Overview > Gear > Project Settings
On Settings, click on Service Accounts tab.
By default Node js is selected.
Leave everything as it is and just click on Generate new private key

You will then get a pop up, just click on Generate Key.
Download the file and save in your computer.

Go back to KLEQ site Settings > Integrations > Other Systems > Firebase.
Upload the file you just download to Service Account Private Key Json

Click on SAVE CHANGES and that’s it Firebase has been integrated.

When someone login to your membership Area, they will get a popup notification “Will you allow domainname.com (your site) to send notifications?” Then they have the option to Allow or Not Now or Never Allow.

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