13035 – How to set up your CORS settings

This article will cover the steps you need to take in order to configure the CORS permissions on Amazon S3 if you enable Captions on your videos.

If you are using Amazon S3 which we recommend to host your caption files, there are certain settings you need to check before being able to insert them into our Video Blocks. You do this on the bucket where you uploaded the caption file.

NIB! We recommend using one bucket to upload all of your caption files, so that you only need to apply CORS permissions once. If you decided to upload caption files on different buckets within Amazon S3, you have to set the CORS permissions for each buckets.


  • Go to your Bucket on S3.
  • Go to the Permissions Tab on the top and scroll down to Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).
  • In the Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), paste the following text:
            "AllowedHeaders": [],
            "AllowedMethods": [
            "AllowedOrigins": [
            "ExposeHeaders": []
  • Once pasted, this is how it should look like. 

That’s it! You should now be able to add your .vtt file to KLEQ Video Blocks and have the captions visible on your videos.


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