02045 – How to Enable Forum

  • In the admin area, go to Members Area in the left sidebar menu, then select Forum.
  • It will bring you directly to the Forum dashboard. Click on the ellipsis () at the top right corner then click Forum Settings.
  • The Forum Settings popup will appear.
  • Simply complete the fields as indicated below:+ Name
    Give your forum a name.+ Description
    Add a description for your forum.

    + Image (720×400)
    This image will be used as a thumbnail / cover image for your Forum in the Portal Home page.

    + Default Header Image (2260×800)
    This image will appear at the top of all forum pages.

    + Assign to group
    Assign your Forum to specific group so it can be dynamically displayed on some portal pages.

    + Keywords
    Add keywords for easier content searching in your Membership Site.

    + Members can message others:
    This feature will allow you to Disable/Enable the option to allow members to contact each other on Forum pages.

  • Once done, click on SAVE CHANGES.
    Your forum is now enabled.

Now if your members have access to the Forum, it will appear in their Member Portal, just like all the other courses they have access to.

For members to open theĀ Forum, they’ll simply click on the View button, which will direct them to theĀ Forum Home Page.

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